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  1. Q: Why is my hair greasy?
    A: Too much oil is being produced from the scalp.

  2. Q: Why am I losing so much hair?
    A: Hair loss can be caused from stress, change of diet, or even change of season.

  3. Q: How can I control the frizz?
    A: Products & tools are a big help. A good blow-dryer and brush is key. Serums, oils and replenishing creams soothe the cuticle and hair shaft. *Also look into our Liquid Keratin Smoothing System.

  4. Q: Why is my hair dry?
    A: Sometimes when you lack natural oils from washing it too many times it will feel brittle. Using a very moisturizing conditioner will help make it soft. Using a treatment once a week will minimize the dryness.

  5. Q: Why is my hair fading so fast?
    A: This can be the cause of unprofessional hair products. When the porosity in the hair is low the colour may not take or stay as well.

  6. Q: What can I do to help my hair grow?
    A: Using a protein treatment once a week and cutting every 4-6 weeks will help the growth of the hair.

  7. Q: What can I do to add volume to my hair?
    A: Using different size brushes specifically for your hair length will help and also adding volumizing products to the root of the hair; i.e. mousse, volumizing powders, styling creams.(adding too much product or to the ends of the hair may tend to weigh it down)

  8. Q: How can I determine what Shampoo & Conditioner is best for my hair?
    A: If your hair is dry, brittle and frizzy, use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Someone with flat and thin hair would need a shampoo and conditioner that not to thick because the hair will way down with a shampoo and conditioner thatís too heavy. If you have a dry scalp, a clarifying shampoo and conditioner will eliminate the dry scalp and itchiness.

  9. Q: How can I prevent Dandruff?
    A: Using a clarifying shampoo will lift all the dead skin off your scalp and wash it away. And try to do a treatment specifically for scalp once a month just to clarify all of the environmental damage that hair gets exposed to.

  10. Q: Can pregnant women colour their hair?
    A: Yes! Studies have shown that less the 2% of the chemicals in the dye absorb into the scalp. If you are still concerned try waiting till the second trimester, when the baby is less vulnerable.

  11. Q: My hair is dry, When I use conditioner it ways it down, what can I do?
    A: You can try to use less conditioner and just run it through your ends.

  12. Q: Why does red hair fade quickly?
    A: Red colour pigment has the smallest molecule, which does not stick to the hair shaft.

  13. Q: How can I remove yellow tone out of my blonde hair?
    A: Using a violet pigment shampoo will remove some of the yellow tones. Also going to a professional to get it toned.